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Why does the nozzle produce no filament when printing? Thin filament?

Due to a variety of reasons, it often occurs that filament cannot be extruded when printing or filament loading. At this time, it is necessary to unclog and clean the residual filament of filament loading path manually to ensure the smooth filament inlet channel.

 Firstly, you need to disassemble the filament feeding motor of the nozzle to expose the filament feed hole (as figure shown below). Then turn on the preheat function on the device and heat the nozzle to a temperature high enough to melt the filament and hold it for a short time. Finally, press the filament inlet channel with a 1.5mm unclogging pin in the kit provided with the device to extrude the filament from the nozzle (as shown in the figure, it is the inlet of two common nozzle forms).