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Why can't my model be read by the printer?

The original model needs slicing software to slice firstly then it can be recognized by the printer. FlashPrint is developed by Flashforge, and you can get installation files from the attached memory card, USB stick or official website support page. You only need to select the corresponding installation package according to the operating system installed on your computer to install the software.

First you need to select the machine type of your printer.

Secondly, you need to read the help contents in the help list and load your model into the software. After the model is displayed in the software, you need to learn how to use the left sidebar and upper bar tools such as move, rotate, scale, support, etc., to properly place the model and support the suspended part. After these basic operations, you can enter the print interface.

In the printing setting, we have set the default printing plan for you. Generally, beginners only need to specify the material type of the left and right nozzle installation, whether to open the support, bottom plate and other functions, and choose the printing plan according to the desired model effect. (it is generally recommended to open the support, bottom plate, and select high quality print mode). Finally, click OK to obtain the processed model file that can finally be recognized by the printer. After putting the file into the printer, the model can be selected on the printer for printing.