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Why often printing with no filament out of the nozzle and it still does not work after cleaning the nozzle?

Why do we need to replace the nozzle and PTFE tube? After a long time of printing, the two parts are prone to aging due to repeated clogging and overheating. When clogging or poor print effect often occurs, you need to change the nozzle and PTFE tube after several useless unclogging.

Firstly, you need to see the detailed nozzle dismantling video of your corresponding model through the official website, prepare the tools needed for nozzle dismantling, and carefully learn the operation method via video.

Remove Nozzle motor -Nozzle heating module (Metal part of nozzle)- Remove the square aluminum block ( install heating tube, thermocouple and square metal block of nozzle) follow the instructions of the video, then you can replace old parts with a new nozzle and PTFE tube after unscrewing the nozzle. It is recommended that poor ability users can purchase heating components to  replace.