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What is Eco-friendly Printing?

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Environmental protection has always been practiced by humans in one form or another. However, as anthropogenic pressures on the environment have escalated over the past century, the need for systematic environmental protection has increased. 

Environmental protection includes programs that are aimed at reducing risks to the environment from contaminants such as hazardous materials and wastes, fuels, and oils.  

3D printing, as a new-born technology, will show how to exert its innovative and promising power in this topic. Compared with the traditional manufacturing, 3D printing represents the new trend, where simpler production processes and less materials consumed are made possible. Moreover, 41%-64% power supply will reportedly be saved in a program of basic production.

In addition to energy conservation and emission reduction, it is also vital to develop and produce 3D printing materials that are environmentally friendly and renewable.

Lately, Flashforge’s partner Kewan Technology and UPM co-developed cellulose biocomposite wood material, which is meant to replace plastics as a new choice for those who strive for creating a better living environment.

Printed by Guider2S and coloured by acrylic, these fiber material models embody a ecological concept for sustainability and a natural forest entertainment.

Another new wave ushered by eco-friendly printing are cultural and creative product series.

The Chinese lantern, a cultural reference from Dongshan Elegant Collection, was a successful entry for a cultural relics competition. Made of natural wood fibre, and applied with light sensing and pressure reduction technology, this lantern epitomizes nature into our life, meanwhile showcasing the local civilization enveloped in the vivid images of ancient Chinese scenery.


The application and innovation of 3D printing in environmental protection contributes not only to the environment, but also to the manufacturing and sustainable economic development. This is what we are happy to see, that a virtuous circle of future development is initiated.