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[User Story] 3D Journey with Sam Ward-Miller and the Kids

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Begin with 3D Printing 

Sam's connection with 3D printing starts at school. She is an elementary school teacher with nearly a decade of experience in education, and a leader in bringing 3D printing into children's classrooms. Her first encounter with 3D printing began in 2017.


Sam started at Broadmead Primary School as a year 5 teacher and Computing lead, supporting, and guiding the teachers in school to teach the subject in their year group. This is the first time Sam started to know about 3D printing and design. At the same time, one of Sam’s colleagues borrowed her some basic 3D printers.  



From there, Sam was able to learn about the fundamental instruction, outs of how a 3D printer works, and the basics of fixing and maintaining. With the help of 3D printers, Sam began to help the kids turn the computer’s digital models into real or even in-creations. She was particularly impressed with the amazement and excitement of the children holding their creations, which Sam said was simply MAGIC.


Since then, Sam has been deeply involved in the use of 3D printing in teaching. 2019 has been described by Sam as the year when her passion for 3D printing was completely lightened. She had the opportunity to teach computing throughout the school - from Reception (ages 4 to 5) to 6th grade (ages 10 to 11). Seeing the progress between grade level groups.


In Sam's classroom, she shows the children the amazing new skill of 3D printing and works with them to solve problems: They talk about the use of supports and ensuring it is on the work plane...all the necessities of Watching the kids work together to solve tough problems and the pride they feel when they accomplish their goals is one of the most amazing feelings you can experience as a teacher.


Even at the end of 2020, when kids had to go home to class due to the pandemic, Sam never stopped interacting with kids in 3D printing. She made some "Guess the print" on social media to make sure that students who take interest in 3D printing could keep their enthusiasm for it alive and well.



Sam’s confidence in Flashforge 

During the pandemic period, Sam had more time to research the parameters and models between Flashforge 3D printers. Finally, she chose the Flashforge Finder, which is Flashforge classic educational 3D printer. By comparing it with the previously borrowed 3D printers, Sam believes that the Flashforge Finder Series has great advantages in these points.



1)Auto leveling avoids manual error as much as possible
2)Beautiful appearance and display, looks very solid
3)Print models faster and easier
4)The quality of the model far exceeds that of the past


Excellent technical knowledge needs to be combined with an excellent 3D printer to achieve the optimal solution, and Sam and Flashforge are just such a paired combination. The smooth and quality 3D printer delivers a fluent experience and is inspiring users to create at the same time. With the Flashforge Finder 3D printer, Sam's eldest daughter is finally able to turn her designs, fabrications, and drawings into touchable objects. With the Flashforge Finder, this girl has been lucky enough to win many contests.


Due to the outstanding performance of the Flashforge 3D printer, Sam has planned to use it as the brand of 3D printer to be used within the school. In the end, Sam chose Adventurer3 and Finder to use to teach the kids and learn more about 3D printing.



Flashforge Takes Mission  

In a low-income area, a 3D printer allows kids to explore new technologies that they may not have access to outside of school. Therefore, it's an absolute honor to be able to provide this experience to kids. Flashforge is fortunate to have been involved in the lives of kids because of Sam's identification choice, thus bringing more understanding to the advanced technology today. 3D printers are just a window that kids push hard to see a richer, more rewarding world of possibilities through 3D printers. They are brave enough to explore, design, and create more complex models and use more sophisticated software on their own.



After the lockdown, the students were AMAZINGLY excited to see the new printers and they were proud of the two beautiful 3D printers. The freedom to explore everything they want to know in a safe environment is a right that belongs to children forever. And it is the duty of all of us to protect these children with better opportunities and better-quality machines.

Flashforge suggestion in education 3D printer 

1)👉In Primary Education, Flashforge recommends Finder Series and Adventurer Series

For the beginning level of 3D printing, the school equips Finder and Adventurer 3 for practice and learning. The more advanced machines, such as Creator Pro and Guider IIs, require students with additional guidance and training. All students are available for a 3D printing tutorial and will be distributed to the proper 3D printer to fit their skills. 


Building a 3D printer classroom in the school is a prohibitive choice no more. To the contract, it is now an economic technology to enhance students’ practical skills and the school’s reputation.


2) 👉In higher education institution, Flashforge recommend AD4 +Creator Pro 

Ian Roy, the Director for Research Technology and Innovation in Brandeis University's Library, held a Flashforge workshop for students to improve student's skills with Flashforge FDM 3D printer: Adventurer 4 and Creator Pro on 17th June 2022.

In Conclusion

3D printing in the education industry is not an uncommon thing. In STEM education programs, 3D printers are widely used to improve students' science skills, and Flashforge involvement in educational 3D printers has been abundant, whether for younger ages or for higher education, Flashforge 3D printers can be found. 


If you are considering acquiring 3D printing technology for student skill expansion, please contact Flashforge professional solution team for an education plan: https://www.flashforge.com/contact-us