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Still do not know how to use 3D printer?

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After the rise of 3D industry, many designers and producers began to choose to use 3D printing to replace the traditional manufacturing process of industrial products. The reason why 3D printing can be accepted and favored by designers and producers is because it can save a lot  cost and time.

A product needs to undergo endless tests from early conceptual design, development and testing to the final production.

Traditional hand-board manufacturing, Chevron laser sculpture and CNC processing have a long production cycle and during the processing, a lot of waste are made.

If the manufacturing method is too complex, the manufacturing process will be technically difficult and cost more time.

The 3D printing technology use one-time forming, do not need to consider about using fixture design model, so it can accomplish more complex structural modeling in technology, save material cost, shorten processing cycle and can put into market faster. The most important point is that it is more suitable for small batch personalized customized products.

(3D printing prototype of door handle)

(3D printing prototype of Lampshade)

In many product development and design, there are many direct uses of 3D printing in the designing and developing spare parts, which means, 3D printing spare parts can be direct used in production.

Generally speaking, most of the 3D printing spare parts are low load bearing, original designed, complex structure, the function needs to meet special requirements or the size is large, and some parts can not be completed by traditional equipment.

In communication with many designers, we learned that in many cases, manufacturing costs, weight issues and R&D production cycle need to be considered during developing and designing. At this time, 3D printing becomes the best choice.

For example, the domestic civil aviation aircraft C919 loads 28 3D printing titanium alloy spare parts, which are applied to the boarding doors, service doors and front and rear cargo doors of the front and rear fuselages of C919 respectively, in order to meet the need of weight reduction of the fuselage.

(C919 3D printing accessories)

In addition to metal and  curing printing, FDM industrial development will also become a trend. Although FDM has some limitations in precision and bearing capacity, many designers are using it for design and development, especially in university experiments.

For example, the robot team of Xi'an Jiaotong University used a large number of 3D printed special-shaped auxiliary parts in the robot design.

Zhejiang University Hello World team is also using 3D prints on the connecting structures of unmanned aerial vehicles and shrapnel plucking devices to save production costs and reduce weight.

The application of 3D printing technology helps solve some of the technical problems in traditional production.3D printing, as a new complementary method, has effectively optimized the product development process, whether for testing or direct use. We believe that 3D printing will be increasingly applied in product design and prototype development.