3D printing you can do in the Day of Death

3D Printing

Thanks to the Pixel movie Coco, people worldwide know this unique and exotic native Mexican festival: the Day of Death. The gorgeous images and touching story made countless viewers yearn for the Day of the Dead. But what else do you know about this festiveal? Flashforge is happy to share something about the Day of Death you may not know.


Creator: Pixar 
Copyright: © 2017 Disney•Pixar. All Rights Reserved.


7 facts of Mexico Day of the Dead


1. It is not a sad festival 

2. Children are taught this tradition since they born 

3. Skill is a throughout element in the whole festival 

4. Danaus plexippus represents the past family member 

5. Mexican Hairless dog is the guide to the dead world 

6. People show their deep love and respect to the past family member 

7. Mexican’s life and death credential: Death is the new beginning, not the end. 


Not only Halloween, but this time Flashforge would also like to join this carnival. So we do some prints on Today’s topic: the Day of Death. Here we print a colorful skull with PLA Silk for this festival






Usually, in printing PLA silk filament, the printing temperature should be a little higher, such as more 5℃, than the ordinary PLA filament to ensure the model effect. We would like to share all the printing detail and model source with you. Now have your own Day of Death celebration for 2022!