2019 Shanghai TCT Exhibition

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During 21th.-23th.Feb.2019,Flashforge will attend TCT Asia 2019 at House W4&W5 in Shanghai International Expo Center,bringing out brand new solutions of Jewelry,Dentistry,Casting and Advertising,etc.,which cover various Industrial grade,quasi Industrial grade 3d printing devices,software and new filament.( Booth No.W4-G76).

Flashforge digital Casting solution
Flahforge provides brand new digital casting solution for Casting Industry:Flashforge Blacksmith 300 3Dprinting device, professional slicing software WaxJetPrint and professional filament.

By using 3D design and digital working method of Wax mould to replace traditional stpes of mould makeing and wax mould making, realising mould free development.Comparing with traditional casting craft, the whole making cost, making cycle and labor cost all would reduce 2/3.


Flahshforge 3D printing Jewelry solution
Flashforge provides more comprehensive,more professional and more various solutions:
Plan A:High precision 3Dprinter WaxJet300+professional slicing software WaxJetPrint+professional filament purple wax+ technology sevice
Plan B:high precision 3Dprinter Hunter+ rofessional slicing software FlashDLPrint+professional resin filament+technology sevice.

Design---- 3D ptinter batch print——Turnover/wax mould lost wax casting making noble metal---- surface treatmennt craft jewelry.By 3D print technology replacing traditioanl craft, making use of digital production to reduce labor cost and loss, easy opreation,short mking cycle,realise more complex modeling.

Flashforge Five-in-one Professional dental solution
Flashforge provides perfect five-in-one dental solution for dental filed.By 3D print scanning and computer software algorithm, we simplify making steps:Scan---Design---print----post-processing---process/use,replace labour successfully,simplify making steps,improve production efficiency,meet large quantities of customization.
Professional dental 3D print device+professional slicing software FlashDLPrint Dental+Open source system professional resin filament+ technology sevice.Exclusive development and research for dental industry, print dental film,dental crown dental bridge,partial frame,surgical guide,etc. Be compatible with third-party resin,meet more application demands of customers.



Flashforge Ad words 3D printing solutions
Flashforge provides perfect 3D printing luminous letter solution for Ad words:professtional Ad software FlashAD+ 3Dpriting LCD AD player AD1+Advertising filament+ Cloud
Compared to more complicated traditional luminous letter technological process, Flshforge uses 3D printer device in place of carving machine, equip professional advertising software and filament,etc, which make 3d luminous letter craft process easier, labor dependency weakened, production devices reduce,site requirement lowers,reduce cost of labor,device,site,filament and time.



Besides various slotions, Flashforge brings new arribals(Creator3,Explorer Max,etc.) at TCT Asia 2019,waiting for you.
Flashforge invites you to TCT Asia 2019 during 21th.-23th.Feb.Let’s communicate,discuss about Industry application and development.