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FlashForge Launching Explorer Max and Creator3 on Frankfurt Formnext Exhibit

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November 13th-16th, 2018, the four-day Formnext exhibition-Frankfurt international precise forming and 3D printing manufacture exhibition is held in Frankfurt convention and exhibition center, Germany. FlashForge New 3D Printing Solution for Jewelry/Dental,Creator3,Finder,Explorer Max,Adventurer3,Hunter,and Guider2s all attend the exhibition.


Formnext is Europe’s leading exhibition on mold manufacturing and processing and rapid manufacturing. With the deepening of application of 3D printing in industrial manufacturing in recent years, more and more people inside and outside the industry attach great importance to 3D printing in industrial level.



FlashForge is always promoting the application of 3D printing  in industrial manufacturing. We launch two industrial 3D printers: Explorer Max and Creator3 on 2018 Frankfurt Formnext Exhibit, receiving great attention and praise from visitors on the exhibition.


Creator3 is FlashForge New Industrial 3D Printer, independent dual-extruder support dual-color or dual-filament simultaneously printing, greatly improve printing efficiency. Creator3 support high-temperature nozzle(up to 300℃), fitting multiple filament printing needs.


Explorer Max is FlashForge New LCD 3D Printer, larger printing size: 192*120*200 mm support several models printed at once, reducing the print time. Explorer Max prints out complicated and detailed hollow models with high precision, also with its resume print, resin auto identify and auto fluid infusion function, Explorer Max is very suitable for jewellery, dental and other industries.

Guider2s and Guider2 also support high-temperature nozzle(up to 300℃), fitting multiple filament printing needs.

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