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Flashforge Release New 3D Printing Solutions for Dental

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Flashforge has released New 3D printing solutions for dental in BDIA Dental Showcase, London, Oct 2018. Flashforge takes part in this grand exhibition and wins great affection from visitors and exhibitors.


Flashforge staff are introducing new 3D printing solutions for dental to visitors.


Exhibitors are communicating with FlashForge staff on 3D printing solutions for dental.


Flashforge New 3D Printing Solutions for Dental is:

Professional dental 3D printer Hunter+Professional slicing software FlashDLPrint+Professional dental filament+Technical support


Professional Dental 3D Printer

Flashforge Hunter, as a high-profile 3D printer,having been on the market for long, now becomes more and more popular in the application of dental fields. Hunter’s high printing speed,high accuracy and low price makes it perfect choice for denture factories,laboratories and clinics.


Professional Slicing Software FlashDLPrint 

Flashforge FlashDLPrint is a professional slicing software designed for DLP 3D printers, it is compatible with dental designing software, providing professional supports setting and professional dental printing filaments option. It is also kept on updating and improving once a period to guarantee the best for dental models 3D printing.


Open-sourced filament choices provide much more possibilities.

FlashForge tech group researches and develops suitable filaments for different dental application needs, such as standard resin, moldable resin, castable resin, dental professional resin, transparent resin etc, providing multiple choices.


In the future, 3D printing using in dental application will become the trend for dental medical treatment and production. FLashforge has always been working hard in 3D printing for dental application. We sincerely hope our efforts will serve dental clinics and help more doctors and patients.