Can you buy FDM printer for under $200? Yes, with only 155$

3D Printing

Printing tech? Yes it must be essential 

Within the $200 price limit, the most important consideration must be the technical part of the printer. 200$ budget printer certainly cannot buy a commercial level of precision, but still can print to meet the daily aesthetic and needs of the work. Because the basic structure of the 3d printer includes.

1) XYZ axis of operation structure

The XYZ axis is important in 3D printing because it defines the dimensions of the printed object. In other words, the XYZ axis determines the length, width, and height of the object. The X-axis typically corresponds to the horizontal dimension, the Y-axis corresponds to the vertical dimension, and the Z-axis corresponds to the depth or thickness of the object. By controlling the position of the print head along these three axes, a 3D printer is able to build an object layer by layer, creating a physical three-dimensional object from a digital model.

2) the stability of the printing platform

The stability of the printing plate is significant in a 3D printer because it ensures that the printed object maintains its shape and dimensions during the printing process. If the plate is unstable, it can cause the printed object to shift or deform, resulting in a poor-quality print. Additionally, a stable plate helps to reduce errors and ensures that the printed object adheres properly to the plate, resulting in a smoother, more consistent print. Overall, the stability of the printing plate is crucial for achieving high-quality, accurate 3D prints.


These two criteria are the main point of 3D printer technology. If we would like to strictly control the budget under 200$, we have to find the best XYZ and platform structure it could be within 200$. A linear guide is absolutely the best structure, but the cost of the linear guide is increasing over the 200$ budget. The second choice of budget is the ordinary XYZ axis. To ensure the minimum error in the ordinary structure, some important accessories could obviously enhance the printing experience. Voxelab Aquila X2 equips the knob and subtracts tension on the axis to avoid ringing or muting detail on the sharp corner of the prints. 


3D printer electricity cost: You should have a review

People who have not yet bought a 3d printer will also be thinking about the electricity bill. Will it cost as much as the second refrigerator in the house, how much electricity will the 3D printer consume, and how much will it increase the monthly bill? Do we do a calculation here:




With these comparison charts, it's easy to see that the cost of using a 3D printer for 5 hours a day is a drop in the bucket when it comes to your electricity bill. Don't worry about your electricity bill and miss out on a great opportunity to develop your hobby and potential!



The lowest price for a reliable 3D printer 


The Aquila X2 comes out on top as the 2022 Emerging 3D Printer as selected by the leading 3D printing industry website,

Aquila X2 win the prize of the most worthy 3D printer under 200$ in 2022.  



1) Small knob on XYZ axis, for significant improvement on unnoticeable detail 


2) Small room occupation, but large printing size 


3) Energy saving and achieving 3D printing meanwhile 


As the leading 3D printer within $200, Aquila X2 can be said to take every dollar of the user as double and maximize it to the largest effect. 

Stable XYZ axis, smooth printing platform, convenient small footprint, and low cost, for a new user to start, reduce the cost, and maximize the effect of $200, Aquila X2 can do ALL these.

Here are some REAL feedback from Voxelab User group, 




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