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Choice phobia? A Brief about 3D Printers in Classroom

3D Printing

Since the 3D printer be applied in educational institutions, such as primary schools and Poland STEM plan, delighting and expanding creativity. The 3D printer now has been got rid of being the sacrifice of formalism, which is only an act. For educational professions, safety, operation simplification, and the cost are all significant considerations for the wider application for the students. 


Safety: the most considerable in the classroom 

For whatever high-level education, such as undergraduate and graduate, or the fundamental education, such as primary school and junior school, a safe environment and tool cannot be a suspensory problem. For educational purposes, the presence of tutors should be clear and maintain safety at the same time. 


For most 3D printers’ gantry structures, the engineers concern more about operation than safety, because the users are approved as an adult, who could totally control the machine and handle it on all occasions. Indeed, the gantry structure is the simplest model for printing. But things switch in the education field, this open, support-free structure could cause the potential issue: the melted filament particle and the possible-polluted air surrounding the nozzle. 


3D printer,education,budget,classroom,flashforge,adventurer3,adventurer4     3D printer,education,budget,classroom,flashforge,adventurer3,adventurer4


The enclosed printing chamber is now a necessary topic for the 3D printers in school. For that, Flashforge rolls out Adventurer 3 Lite, particularly designed for education purposes. The enclosed chamber ensures safety and printing quality at the same time. For air filter-related articles, please refer to 3D Printing Emissions & Air Quality – A Practical Guide. For safety, we have discussed its necessity in the former paragraph. To improve the printing quality, an enclosed chamber means better heat and wet preservation in the printing process. For example, ABS filament 3D printing requires a more strict temperature 

Operation Simplification: Tutor’s Effective Helper 

Before, in, and after the printing process is not an easy step. Imagine the perfect first printing seems hard and far for the 3D printing beginner, that is why we need to simplify the operation of educational 3D printer. 


The basic operation includes leveling and removing. Leveling ensures the success of the following printing. However, leveling indeed is not an easy step. It needs long-term testing and sufficient experience. To overcome this problem, especially in the time-urgent classroom, auto-leveling saves time for teacher and maximize the tuition time. 


For the other operational factors, we can list these: 
1)installation: Take off the machine and do not need extra parts to assemble.
2)equipment controlling: Including film transfer. The recent transfer method covers USB, WiFi connection, and USB cable. On the basis of different teaching occasion, the higher flexibility of film transfers distinctly improves the teaching efficiency. 


3D printer,education,budget,classroom,flashforge,adventurer3,adventurer4


Cost Management: A noticeable topic 

The last dimension is the cost. As a part of the education schedule, the equipment cost is noticeable due to the reality. Affordable price is necessary, especially for frequent use in the classroom. The damage budget and the spare machine should be placed anytime to reply to any accidental condition. Make sure the needful functions and low cost at the same time is not intricate for the current 3D printer. 


With the retail price of a 3D printer below US$500, a 3D printing laboratory with 10 3D printers with sufficient filament can be built in the bill below:  


3D printer,education,budget,classroom,flashforge,adventurer3,adventurer4


Recommendation List for your willingness

According to the feedback from the 3D printing expertise website, we list some websites here for all considerable dimension 


The Best 3D Printer for Beginners

Take a 3D printer for the students 


In these recommendation lists, Flashforge is happy to see our 3D printer becomes a popular choice for educational purpose. In fact, Flashforge does make design, particularly for the classrooms. In the list, we can find Finder 3.0, Adventure 3 lite, and Adventurer 4 lite. Here is a comparison graph for you to clearly target your aim and make the best choice. 


3D printer,education,budget,classroom,flashforge,adventurer3,adventurer4


Lastly, if you are educational professions and take interest in bringing 3D technology and related course into the teaching schedule, please contact to Flashforge sale group: sales012@flashforge.com for more detail on bulk scale deals. Meanwhile, join Flashforge official user group and search the keyword: Finder, Finder 3.0, Adventurer 3 Lite, and Adventurer 4 Lite to have the actual review of our 3D printers.