Flashforge Creator 4 3D Print Experience Sharing at Industrial Day Event 2022

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French distributor of Flashforge brand, Machines-3D Company, has launched an Industrial Day Event on 12, May, 2022 in France. More than a daily event, Industrial Day 2022 is a meeting place of 3D industry professionals sharing their using experience of 3D printers and 3D scanners in a friendly atmosphere.

Event held by French distributor of Flashforge


The first half day of the event was on 3D printing discussion. The practitioners from the 3D sectors exchanged ideas in person. Some came to share their experience of using professional 3D printers within their company. In particular Sébastien Vogel for Jereparemonbagage, followed by Mickael Coronado for Inodesign Group, Adrien Ragot with BASF Forward AM.

The professional-use 3D printers of Flashforge brand appeared in the Machines-3D Industrial Day were Flashforge Creator 4 and Creator 3 Pro. Apart from those two professional-level 3D printers, Flashforge Adventurer 4, often working for individual home use and school education use, also debuted on the Event. The hottest discussion was on Creator 4, a big guy with 400mm (L)*350mm (W)*500mm (H) print volume that meets print needs of most industrial users. It’s dual extruding system of dual extruder printing and pre-heating chamber feature were hotly debated by people at presence.

Flashforge Creator 4 3D Print Experience Sharing


To finish the first half day on 3D printing, the Event host welcomed Jullien Guillen, the head of 3D printing at Decathlon. Drawing on his experience, Jullien came to explain to people at present on how, thanks to 3D printing, he is innovating within the sports industry. He also cited the ADD Lab case on how 3D printing offered a pathway for this company to remain innovative and to be more eco-responsible by making it possible to repair old products.

Participant Industrial Day Event 2022

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Flashforge Company feels it honored that Flashforge 3D printer products are distributed on French Industrial Day Event 2022. People’s enthusiasm on 3D printing and 3D printer application are always stimulating us going further. We’ll continue building the future of 3D printing sector alongside passionate professionals and individuals.