Flashforge Newest Arrival – Flashforge Finder 3 3D Printer!

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Finder 3 3D printer is a FDM desktop 3D printer newly launched by Flashforge that is safe, efficient and intelligent on usage. As an upgraded version of Flashforge Finder (currently discontinued), Flashforge Finder 3 features larger build volume yet a similar looks with Finder, flexible filament printing, and other functions like filament detector and reminder.

Flashforge Finder 3 is not only a good choice for individual and household users but also wonderful for primary and secondary school education in 3D model designing and 3D printing.

Large build volume of Finder 3

The machine size of Finder 3 is 406*416*469mm. Its printing volume is 190*195*200mm, 2.7 times larger than Flashforge Finder. What are the advantages of a larger 3D printing volume? Sometimes the functional parts you want to print are for practical uses on an engineering structure so that the size accuracy of the printed parts is quite important. You cannot make those parts smaller! A printer with large build volume allows your printing with more possibilities.

Finder 3 supports TPU filament

As depicted above, Finder 3 is capable of printing with flexible filaments such as TPU, which is another tremendous upgrade. Printing functional parts not only needs a larger build volume, but also requires proper engineering materials. Finder 3 allows you to use TPU filament to print such models as car wipers, prosthetics, or footwear midsole. TPU printed models are normally used in automobile industry, healthcare, and sportswear production. Of course, Finder 3 also supports other normal engineering filaments like PLA, ABS, HIPS and PETG.

It’s worth mentioning that Finder 3 adopts new extruding assembly and allows the highest temperature reaching up to 300℃, approving smoother feeding and extruding of filaments. The printouts from Finder 3 show great improvements on model surface smoothness, detail accuracy, and model success rate.

Two build plate options for diverse needs

Finder 3 is set with two build plate options, one of which is a glass plate and the other is a PEI magnetic steel plate. The glass build plate is good for printing a model with smooth bottom surface and the magnetic steel plate is a flexible one that could be bent slightly and easily take off printed models. Two plate options of Finder 3 cater for diversified printing needs of users. Just swap the build plate according to which type of filament you are using.

By the way, the printing bed of Finder 3 is heatable. The bottom platform under the upper build plate could be heated up to 110℃ at most, which is a critical factor that ensures no model shrinkage and no corner warping on the model bottom part.

Other features of Finder 3

Finder 3 supports WiFi connection, so that you can wirelessly transmit sliced model files from your PC. On the computer screen, you can check the printing process in real time. At this point, Finder 3 is just like one of your big electronic toys!

Filament detection and run-out remind features of Finder 3 3D printer make it more intelligent. When filament runs out or no filaments are extruded out, it stops printing and shows remind prompt on the touch screen. Rest assured that even at dark night you can still see the filament printing scene because the build-in lamp on the nozzle lights up there!

Beyond all those, Finder 3 resumes printing after meeting power off and recover, which is a feature that is not available on Flashforge Finder. You’ll have no worries on filament waste and time consuming when meeting unexpected electricity cutoff!


Words are always too weak to describe this new arrival of Flashforge 3D printer. To fully sense the charm of Finder 3, you are strongly advised to experience it in person! To know more info about Flashforge Finder 3, please contact us or visit our official online shop.