Voxelab:3D printer factory one-day tour

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3D printer factory tour today. What do you know about 3D printers’ experience before they meet you? What have they done on the tour? This week we visit the Voxelab factory and follow the tour of each Voxelab 3D printer. 


Extruder Strength Test


3d printer test

Test the strength of the extruder by tugging the filaments being extruded through the feeder with a pulling force to the amount of Nm before slippage occurs. Test the maximum wire feeding force of the wire feeder. Due to the total updated extruder, this time here is a big surprise in Voxelab new D1 3D printer. Compared with the ordinary 3D printer, the feeding force is enhanced up to 193.3% than before. 


Circuit Board Test


3d printer test     3d printer test


What Voxelab is proud of is that EACH board of EVERY Voxelab 3D printer will be inspected on this machine to check the electricity supply, whether the wiring is correct, component installation, and troubleshooting. All details of the 3D printer’s heart, and the board, are carefully checked by Voxelab test engineer. 


Delivery Safety test 

3d printer test     3d printer test

Here comes the most important test: delivery safety. The machine in the following called Transportation Vibration Testing Machine. To stimulate the delivery condition, the vibration is controlled by the Rotational Speed, which is 240/s. This ensures that the 3D printer remains intact and precise during the bumps and bruises of the courier delivery.


In the End

Every factory tour amazes all Voxelab staff every time. The combination of mechanical beauty and rigorous structure makes for a precision machine that is very satisfying, even for OCD. Straight tracks and meticulous nozzles at work make for an exceptional printing experience. Later machine testing also brings peace of mind to consumers without the fear of quality problems.


Unlike a typical assembly line factory, the factory of Voxelab also provides a comfortable working environment for the operating workers. The air conditioning controls the temperature at a suitable 26 ℃ all year round, and the reasonable work distribution does not make people work continuously and fatiguingly like a machine, which brings about errors in the products.


The 3D printer sounds very high-tech, but in fact, it is also assembled from insignificant parts, relying on human wisdom. A 3D printer is not just a machine, it carries engineers' confidence in it and users' expectations of it, it is also a small transit station.