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What is the best FDM 3D printer for the senior users?

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Everyone wants to find out the best FDM 3D printer. But there are different criteria for the users who have different usage times. Whether you are a 3D printing senior experienced user, you can find your best FDM 3D printers in this article to satisfy your requirements. This article will figure out what function is most useful for senior experienced users. 


For the senior 3D printing lovers, it is believed all of you have already overcome the problems of newbies. The best FDM 3D printer for seniors means a more powerful structure and addictive optimized function to ensure the best quality of your prints. Here is going to list of 3 necessary functional points for seniors to choose your customized best FDM 3D printer.


Dual X axis and Y axis is one of the best structures for 3D printer

X and Y axis ensure the most basic structure for a 3D printer. Linear guide is common sense for an experienced user to choose the best FDM 3D printer. In common, there is single and dual linear option in the market. The reason for senior 3D printing users to choose the dual linear guide is its stability. To compare with the single guide, the printing plate is moving through a flat rather than a line, which means more shaking possibilities. 

dual and single linear 3d printer


The amount and type of extruder count a lot in choosing a 3D printer

There is two criteria in extruder chosen of best FDM 3d printer. The first one is the amount of extruder. The second is the type of extruder


1/ the amount of extruder makes the 3d printer functional

dual extruder 3d printer


For the best FDM 3d printer for seniors, they usually choose the 3D printer with dual extruders to utilize the printing space and improve the efficiency as much as possible. Dual extruder 3d printers have 2 extruders for the following functions:

① Best FDM 3D printer can print multiple colors at the same time. Each extruder could run different colors and two extruders corporate together to print one project. It reduces the wasted time of changing the filament and optimizes the final integrity appearance of the prints. 


Also, dual extruder has multiple printing modes for senior users. The first is dual color printing in the following picture. 


dual extruder 3d printer in dual color printing mode

② FDM 3D printer which has a dual extruder could print the support and main body separately and distinguish it with different filament colors. With certain slicing software, two extruders work in different parts. For example, Flashprint, a powerful slicing software, could eliminate almost all the problems you could face in the printing process. 


flashprint support dual extruder 3d printer in printing support in different color


To achieve the best utilization of dual extruder, here recommend a free slicing software for senior users who are willing to try the best fdm 3d printers with fluent software experience: Flashprint, which is specially designed for the FDM 3d printer and supports clear operation surface for the user to control and track their printing process. 


flashprint the 3d printing software

build support in 3d printing slicing software


It can not only separate the function of two extruders, but it also supports printing the different filament materials with individual-design extruder date. 


③ If you choose the best FDM 3D printer with dual extruders, you can improve the producing efficacy twice. For some individual studios, the best FDM 3d printer must own outstanding production capability to hold on to all demands. In the dual extruders 3D printer, the duplicate mode could print the same shape with the same or no product at the same. It covers both customized and efficacy for only once printed 

dual extruder printing mode deplicate mode


Additionally, the printing mode called mirror mode, is the perfect selection for parts making. 


dual extruder 3d printing software mirror printing mode

2/ Extruder Type is a criterion of the Best FDM 3D printer 

When you think of the type of extruder for the best FDM 3d printer, there are two main types of extruders: indirect and direct. 3D printers with direct extruders are more powerful and offer more functions for seniors to utilize. Indirect extruders, on the other hand, are less powerful but offer more flexibility. As a result, it really depends on what seniors need from their 3D printer in order to decide which type is best for them.


Both indirect and direct extruders have their advantages. Direct extruders offer a wider range of features and functions. Indirect extruders are less expensive, but they don't have as many features. Ultimately, it's up to the seniors to decide which type is the best FDM printer

- Direct extruder give the best FDM printer powerful feeding force

Direct extruder offers powerful force in feeding. In the direct extrusion system, the cold end is fixed directly on top of the hot end and the wire is fed directly into the hot end after passing through the extruder. This layout minimizes the wire push distance and allows for better printing of flexible and abrasive materials. It also allows for better control of the feed and drawback when printing conventional materials, which is reflected in fewer pulls on the printed item.


best 3d printer with direct extruder

In addition, a direct extruder supports higher printing temperature, which could qualify wider filament range, such as TPU, the flexible filament, and PETG, which is more strengthened in physical character. 


- 3D printer’s extruder inertia is decreased by the indirect extruder’s lighter motor 

If you prefer a lighter extruder in choosing the best fdm printer, indirect extrude is suitable for you. By mounting the extruder and its motor on the frame, the weight of the print head is reduced to a minimum. This approach reduces the momentum of the print head and improves stability. The increased stability reduces the possibility of ringing artifacts caused by wobbling in the X and Y axes. It is also possible to move the print head faster without loss of quality. Mounting the extruder separately in the frame means that the size of the print head can be minimized.


In some designs, this may mean a slight increase in vertical build volume. The use of PTFE tubing does add a small amount of friction. This means that the Bowden extruder requires a more powerful motor. Flexible and abrasive composite filaments have a higher chance of binding to or wearing out the PTFE tubing. This has the potential to cause damage and clogging.


In general, senior users prefer to have both extruders with a changeable extruder kit to cover all demands. The 3d printer with a changeable extruder may be best fdm printer to them. 
Best FDM 3D printer have powerful cooling fans 

When a senior 3D printing user takes care of the final effect on the best FDM 3D printer, they will most likely choose a printer with a good cooling fan. In the continuous printing process, the temperature of the printhead will continue to rise. In order to prevent the printhead temperature is too high resulting in the dissolution of other parts burned, the need to install cooling fans to control the temperature of the printhead within a certain range, which can also avoid the temperature transfer to other places, the material will not yet be softened to the nozzle wire, the occurrence of blockage and other printing accident. 



cooling fan is important for choosing the best fdm 3d printer

In failure printing, the most common cause of overheating is that the filament does not cool in time. When cooling is slow, the filament can easily deform. For most filament, it is best to prevent them from deforming by quickly cooling the already printed layers. If you have a cooling fan on your printer, making the plastic cool faster by increasing the fan's wind power is one of the elements that ensure the success of the finished print.


In the end 

This article, it concludes with 3 criteria for senior 3D printing users who seeking the best FDM 3D printer. X and Y axis structure, extruder, and cooling fans are the advanced options for people who are devoted to improving the quality of their 3D prints. 


three necessary elements in choosing the best fdm printer


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