Foto 13.3

Flashforge Foto 13.3, features a 13.3-inch 4K monochrome LCD screen that ensures good lighting transmission and dispersing, a large build area (292*165*400 mm), is 4x faster & more precise on resin 3d printing. A good choice for mass production.

Foto 8.9

Flashforge 8.9 is the HD 4K resin printer with 8.9 inch LCD monochrome screen. The properties of the mono screen of Foto 8.9 are similar with that of Foto 6.0, but with a higher 4K resolution thus printing more accurately. Build volume: 192*120*200mm.

Foto 8.9s

Flashforge Foto 8.9s has the same build volume (192*120*200mm) as Foto 8.9 but with new outer looks and updated lighting technology that furthermore improves printing success rate at the mean time of increasing printing accuracy.

Foto 9.25 6K

Foto 9.25 6K is a high-resolution LCD 3D printer equipped with a 9.25-inch 6K HD monochrome screen and the latest matrix light source design, so as to ensure accurately positioning and the presentation of model details.

Foto 6.0

Foto 6.0 is an LCD 3D printer with 130*76*155mm build volume. 6-inch 2K monochrome LCD screen, together with unique light sourcing, greatly improves 3d model’s detail precision. The durable Mono LCD screen performs stably well even after long-term use.