Guider 3 Plus
The Professional's First Choice
Guider 3 Plus is a professional-grade 3D printer, featuring high-speed printing, high model quality output, quiet and smooth operation. Equipped with a full range of multi-platform intelligent management system for small business, studio, universities and laboratories, Guider 3 Plus assists engineers and designers in rapid prototyping.
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guider 3 plus The Professional's First Choice
High Speed & Low Noise 250mm/s ≤50dB
Excellent Quality ±0.15mm
Larger Build Volume 350*350*600mm
7*24hr Stable Printing
Fast Printing & High Quality
The CoreXY structure supports high-speed printing at 250mm/s.
CoreXY motion structure; smoother movement; reduced resonance frequency; low-noise printing; X, Y-axis linear guide rails; high-precision operation and positioning; reduced misaligned layers.
Speed increased by 50%
Noise reduced by 30%
Superior Model Performance for flashforge guider 3 plus
Superior Model Performance
The newly designed internal structure improves the printing efficiency and offers better presentation of delicate structures.
The dual Z-axis ball screw design ensures accurate positioning of printing each layer of the model, smooth model surface and better print quality.
Display of Print Results
View the quality of printed models from different dimensions.
Surface Finish
Detail Performance
Irregular Shape
Geometric Accuracy
Surface Finish of professional 3d printer
Detail Performance of professional 3d printer
Irregular Shape of professional 3d printer
Geometric Accuracy of professional 3d printer
Larger and More Stable
Large Build Volume
350*350*600mm ultra-large build volume.
The 600mm vertical Z-axis height meets the printing requirements of most prototyping models.
7*24 Productivity
7*24 Productivity for g3p
Intelligence Trilogy
Easy to Operate, Hassle-free to Use
Guarantee your printing experience at all times. Make 3D printing simple and efficient.
Self-equipped Maintenance Assistant for g3p
Filament Drying Management for g3p
Intelligent Production Control for g3p
Self-equipped Maintenance Assistant
Filament Drying Management
Intelligent Production Control
Sealed Filament Chamber Containing Desiccant
Containing silica gel desiccant inside, the dual sealed filament chambers on the back will effectively ensure that filaments are in a sealed and dry environment both during the printing process and in the idle state.

Under general environment, the humidity can be kept below 20% within 5 days by placing 3 packs of desiccant in the filament chamber.

A single chamber can hold 1KG filament. With a hygrometer equipped, the humidity prompt can be visually viewed, making it easy for users to accurately manage the filament environment.
Sealed Filament Chamber Containing Desiccant for g3p
A single chamber can hold 1KG filament. With a hygrometer equipped, the humidity prompt can be visually viewed, making it easy for users to accurately manage the filament environment.
Intelligent Multi-platform Management
It supports remote multi-platform management of 3D printers via FlashPrint 5, FlashCloud, and Polar Cloud. With available online printing and real-time monitoring, it realizes convenient and efficient integrated equipment management, and worry-free production.
Intelligent Multi-platform Management for guider 3 plus
Intelligent Maintenance Assistant
The equipped maintenance assistant provides solutions to common printing problems, saves communication time and realizes efficient maintenance.
Intelligent Maintenance Assistant for flashforge g3p
Open Material System
Compatible with Third-party Filaments
The 320℃ high-temperature extruder is compatible with various filaments.
PLA/ ABS/ HIPS/ PC/ TPE/ PETG/ ASA/ PP/ Nylon/ Glass fiber reinforced/ Carbon fiber reinforced
*Note: Glass fiber reinforced and carbon fiber reinforced filaments need to be used with a high-strength nozzle.
high-temperature extruder for g3p
Third-party Filaments Supported
Open third-party material configuration. Our software is compatible with multi-brand materials, providing richer choices.
One of the commonly used environmentally degradable filaments.
High-performance 3D printing filament developed for industrial applications.
Good mechanical properties; suitable for printing thin-walled parts and outdoor parts.
More Functions Ensuring Efficient and Convenient Printing Experience
The operation interface is simple and intuitive with high sensitivity; With the camera function, users can view the time-lapse videos and monitor the printing process.
7-inch Touch Screen
Flexible Removable Platform
Quick-release Nozzle
HEPA 13 Air Filtration System
Auto Shutdown
HEPA 13 Air Filtration System for g3p
professional 3d printer of Auto Shutdown
  • Extruder Quantity 1
  • Printing Precision ±0.15mm or 0.002mm/mm
  • Positioning Accuracy X/Y-axis 0.011mm;
  • Z-axis 0.0025mm
  • Layer Thickness 0.05 ~ 0.4mm
  • Build Volume 350 x 350 x 600mm
  • Nozzle Diameter 0.4 (0.4/0.6/0.8mm)
  • Nozzle Type Stainless Steel Nozzle
  • Printing Speed 10~250mm/s
  • Maximum Extruder Temperature 320℃
  • Maximum Platform Temperature 120℃
  • Supported Filament PLA / PETG / ASA / ABS / PC / PA /
  • PA-CF / PA-GF
  • Power Supply AC100-240V / DC24V / 6.25A, 650W
  • Device Size 635.5(L)*590.5(W)*1060(H)mm
  • Packaging Size 775(L)*690(W)*1235(H)mm
  • Slicing Software FlashPrint
  • Input/Output File Format Input: 3MF / STL / OBJ / FPP / BMP /
  • PNG / JPG / JPEG File;
  • Output: GX / G / Gcode
  • Printing Connection USB Cable / U Disk / Ethernet / Wi-Fi
  • Certification CE / FCC / RoHS
  • Working Temperature 15-30℃
  • Compatible Operating System Windows XP / Vista/7/8/10 / Mac OS
  • Compatible Slicing Software Slic3r / Skeinforge / Cura
  • (Need to set up)
  • Touch LCD Screen 7-inch
  • Printing Bed Magnetic Flexible Printing Bed
  • Close Design
  • Auxiliary Leveling
  • Filament Running Out Reminding
  • Replaceable Print Bed
  • Ultra Silence Design
  • Continue Last Printing when
  • Power Off
  • Remote Camera Watching
  • Wireless Wi-Fi
  • Ethernet
  • USB Stick Interface
  • Air Filter Net
  • Cloud
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