FlashForge Cloud
Creator 3 Pro
More effective and professional printing.
• Extruder structural optimization
• Printing motion system upgrade
• Refined leveling sensor for more accuracy
• Build bed heating up more quickly
Independent Dual Extruders
Supporting Water-soluble
Materials Printing
Industrial-grade Precision
Build Volume
Build Plate
The extruder supports
up to 320℃
Wide Range of
Compatible Filaments
New FlashPrint
Slicing Software
Cloud Platform
Extruder structural optimization of Creator 3
Dual-fan Configuration
Controllable wind speed for better printing quality of engineering filaments.
New Heating Assembly Optimization
Nozzle and heating block integrated together, it's easy to detach and maintain this assembly.
Upgraded extruder sensors for more accurate leveling
Flashforge Creator 3 Pro improves the success rate of leveling and makes the printing positioning more accurate.
Creator 3 pro supports multiple nozzle options: 320℃ in Max. & durable in use
Stainless Steel Nozzle
Carbon Steel Nozzle
(for printing carbon fiber composite materials)
The heating speed of the platform
is increased by 5 times.
It takes only 3 minutes to heat
up the build plate to 110℃.
Flexible plate with magnet, easy to remove from and adhere to the base platform
• Excellent thermal conductivity ensures quick heating up of the plate.
• Flexible plate can be bent slightly to take off printouts.
• Internal magnet makes it easily be absorbed onto the base platform.
Multi-mode printing
IDEX structure, with multi-mode printing supported and efficiency doubled.
Dual-color Mode
Duplicate Mode
Mirror Mode
Newly upgraded second-generation logic control chip
Smoother 3-axis operation and human-computer interaction.
Technical Specifications
Name Creator 3 Pro
Extruder Type IDEX (Independent dual extruders)
Printing Precision ±0.2mm
Build Volume 300x250x200mm
Nozzle Diameter 0.4mm(0.6/0.8mm)
Print Speed 10-150mm/s
Maximum Extruder Temperature 320℃
Platform Heating Temperature 120℃
Filament PLA / ABS / PA / PC / PVA / HIPS / PETG / Wood / ASA / PACF
Connectivity USB/Wi-Fi/Ethernet
Auxiliary Leveling  
Out of Filament Reminder  
Replaceable Platform  
Resume Printing After Power Failure  
Touch Screen 4.3-inch
Flexible Magnetic Platform  
Air Filter  
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