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Foto 8.9 (discontinued)
Flashforge Newest Arrival HD 4K LCD Printer
8.9-inch LCD monochrome screen
4K HD resolution for more accuracy
Longer lifespan & large build volume
Key Features

Larger Build Volume

More Stable Framework

Faster Print Speed

Better Print Experience

Larger Build Volume
Large build volume of flashforge foto 8.9 meets the needs of printing more models in one go and allows printing one model at larger scale.
Build volume

192*120*200 mm

More Stable Framework
Dual linear rails, leadscrew stepper in Z-axis, and backlash nuts of Flashforge foto 8.9 3D printer ensures the stable movement in Z-axis direction, which helps a lot in reducing layer lines on printed models.
Cooling mechanism contributes to good printing effects. Flashforge 8.9” foto resin printer adopts a high-efficiency cooling system, good for improving printing quality, and prolonging printer's service life.
Precise and fast printing
High-quality 4K industrial-grade monochrome LCD screen and new light source matrix design of Foto 8.9 assures lighting dispersed evenly and curing each layer with more precision.
The print speed is 50mm/h, 3 times faster than 3D printers with normal screens.
Better Print Experience
Foto 8.9 best matches with Flashforge standard resin and water-washable resin. The official FlashDLPrint slicer ensures easy slicing and wonderful prints. Improving printing success rate; Allows you get resin models with smooth surface and clear fine details!
Layer Thickness 0.025-0.2 mm (adjustable)
Print Volume 192*120*200 mm (7.6*4.7*7.9 IN)
Print Precision ±0.05 mm
Print Speed 10-50 mm/h
Language Chinese / English
Mechanical & Dimension
Printer Dimension 280*240*465 mm (11*9.4*18.3 IN)
Screen 3.5-inch touch screen
Net Weight 12.5 kg (27.6 LBS)
Gross Weight 15kg (33.1 LBS)
Power 120W
Connectivity USB
Software FlashDLPrint
File Input Format 3MF/STL/OBJ/FPP/SLC files
File Output Format SVGX