The Flashforge Guider II is an industrial-grade 3D printer designed for the extreme hobbyist or prosumer. This is the top-level FFF 3D printer of Flashforge, designed to provide the maximum stability and quality when printing your designs.

  • With strong functional features,
  • it allows much freedom to produce 
  • and enhance the productivity.
  • > Massive Build Volume: 280*250*300mm (11*9.8*11.8 IN)
  • > A wide range of materials --- support 1.75mm filaments
  • > Open 1.75mm Filament System
  • > 5-inch Touchscreen Interface
Massive Build Volume

With 280*250*300mm build volume, Flashforge Guider II prints the large models or multiple parts in one platform.

It offers a wider range of choices for users and meets demands for small production.

Auto-bed leveling

The auto-bed leveling ensures the platform is leveled before printing. The extruder adjusts the minor distance between the nozzle and the platform to create a uniform and smooth build surface, which highly improves the platform adhesion and print quality.

Note: Upgrade the latest firmware(April 2020) and acquire the function before print.

Open Filament System, Open Choice

In touch with many leading materials manufacturers, our open filament system provides enormous compatibility. Guider II supports PLA, ABS, PETG, Color-change, TPU and TPE.

Touchscreen Interface

The touchscreen interface of Guider II simplifies actions for users. Follow the settings one by one, it is visual and time-saving to get a better user experience.

Resume Printing

Don't worry about a sudden power off, just restart Guider II to resume printing. The printing process is saved when the power turns off. Resume Printing function ensures the printing success and reduces the waste caused by failed printing.

Wireless Printing
  • Guider II is equipped with the new wireless connectivity.
  • With FlashPrint, the print files can be transmitted easily and fast via Wi-Fi.
  • The firmware of Guider II also can be upgraded directly via Wi-Fi.
  • More functions can be realized in the FlashCloud Platform.
Learn more about FlashCloud
  • Extruder Quantity 1
  • Nozzle Diameter 0.4mm
  • Maximum Extruder Temperature 240℃ (464℉)
  • Print Speed 30-100mm/s
  • Maximum platform Temperature 120℃ (248℉)
  • Filament Compatibility PLA, TPU, ABS, PETG
  • Filament Diameter 1.75mm (0.069IN)
  • Print Volume 280*250*300mm (11*9.8*11.8IN)
  • Layer Thickness 0.1mm-0.4mm
  • Print Precision ±0.2mm
Mechanical & Dimension
  • Printer Dimension 550*490*570mm (21.7*19.3*22.4IN)
  • Screen 5-inch touch screen
  • Net Weight 30kg (66.2LBS)
  • Gross Weight 38kg (83.8LBS)
  • Spool External
  • Running Noise 55dB
  • Working Environment 15-30℃ (59-86℉)
  • Power Input AC100-240V, 47-63Hz
  • Power 500W
  • Power Output 24V, 20.8A
  • Connectivity USB cable, USB stick, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, FlashCloud, PolarCloud
  • Software FlashPrint
  • File Input Format 3MF / STL / OBJ / FPP / BMP / PNG / JPG / JPEG files
  • File Output Format GX/G