Warranty & Returns Policy


Please read the following points before returning:

1. Flashforge accepts returns for Flashforge 3D printers within 30 days of receipt of delivery without any reasons. The Return Policy provides detailed information about options and procedures for returning Buyer's purchase. 

2. If the return is caused by logistics damage, low product quality or Flashforge sent wrong goods, Flashforge bears the freight cost, otherwise Buyer bears the freight cost. 

3. Return Buyers based in United States, Australia, Canada, EU countries and United Kingdom can directly return items to local warehouse. Buyers based in other countries need to pay the freight cost and customs duties.

4. If items are returned due to damaged logistics, wrong items or low product quality, please pay the freight cost in advance. Flashforge will refund the prepaid freight cost to Buyer's account within 7 working days after receiving the returned item. Once Flashforge receives the goods, refund will be processed within 2 working days. Refund amount will be deposited to Buyer's account within 1-2 working days.

Please contact us at service01@flashforge.com if you want to ask for a return or exchange service. 



1. Flashforge offers a 1-year limited warranty for Flashforge 3D printers and 3-month for extruder parts. If any parts are broken within the warranty period, Flashforge will send free parts. If any parts are broken and cannot be repaired, Flashforge will replace them for you or you may return them for a refund. Warranty services are specified in the full warranty terms. For more details, please click here for support.

2. Note: The one who sells you the printer should be responsible for your after-sales service.

(1) Flashforge grants all end-users a 12-month limited warranty for all Flashforge 3D printers (except the Flashforge extruder) and a 3-month warranty for Flashforge FFF extruder.

(2) If Flashforge 3D printer fails during normal and proper use within the warranty period (judged by Flashforge engineers), Flashforge will provide users with free maintenance services or remote after-sales support.

(3) The warranty period starts from the outbound date, or starts from the invoice date if clear and confirmed invoice is provided.

(4) Flashforge will repair or replace only the defective parts with new or reconditioned parts or products that are functionally equivalent or superior to those originally supplied. If a part is repaired or replaced during the warranty period, the warranty period still remaining for the entire printer will apply to this part.

3. Parts excluded from the warranty: Build tape/Build plate/SD card/USB stick/USB cable/Filament/Filament spool/Glue/Resin vat/Film/Resin Bucket/ Gloves/ Plastic scraper/ Metal scraper/Brush/Allen wrench (2.5mm*1/3mm*1/5mm*1)/Stamping wrench/Tools bag/Accessories.