Adventurer 4 Pro
Adventurer 4 Pro

Adventurer 4 Pro

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  • 30-point auto leveling sensor.
  • PEI build plate.
  • Up to 300mm/s print speed.
  • 0.4-265 hardened nozzle.
  • Upgraded extruder fan structure.
  • HEPA 13 air filter.
  • Upgraded built-in camera.
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Pro in speed. Pro in creation.

Adventurer 4 Pro

The new generation---Adventurer 4 Pro has a 30-point auto- leveling sensor, which frees your hands in a real sense.

Auto bed leveling

Flashforge Adventurer 4 Pro equips with a 30-point auto leveling sensor, and it can adjust the suitable distance between nozzle and build plate accordingly. The automatic nozzle calibration also helps ensuring a neat and smooth first-layer extrusion.

Auto filament feeding

How to change the filament will not be a problem that can stop you. Just enjoy the filament loading and unloading by tapping the screen with your finger!

High-speed & hardened nozzle bundle

Adventurer 4 Pro equips with a 0.4-240℃ steel nozzle and you also can get the additional nozzle bundle. 0.6-265℃ hardened nozzle kit with wear-resistant for printing carbon fiber filament and 0.4-240℃ high speed copper nozzle for faster printing.

Superior surface quality

Upgraded extruder fan structure

Adventurer 4 Pro added one more cooling fan on extruder compared with Adventurer 4, which can accelerate the cooling speed while printing.

Quick model removal and strong adhesion

PEI flexible build plate

Adventurer 4 Pro installs a PEl build plate for easier model removal and stronger adhesion, which is good for eliminating the edge wraping.

HEPA 13 air filter

The print dust and odors can be filtered effectively and quickly, ensuring a user-friendly environment.

What in The Box

Product specification

Extruder Quantity


Nozzle Diameter

0.4mm (installed), 0.6 (optional)

Max Extruder Temperature

265℃ (509 ℉)

Max Platform Temperature

110 ℃ (230 ℉)

Print Speed

10-300 mm/s


Actually, the inner structure of Adventurer 4 and Adventurer 4 Pro is different. Adopting the parts of Adventurer 4 Pro to Adventurer 4 can not gain the 100% effect of Adventurer 4 Pro.

Adventurer 4 Pro equips a new generation motherboard, and it is different from Adventurer 4's.

Yes, Adventurer 4 Pro applies a new extruder PCB board.

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