Perfect Mate
For 3D Printing

For makers: Stay updated on your printer's status anytime, anywhere For print farm owners: Manage dozens or even hundreds of printers at ease.

All-new 3D Printing Mate: slicing software + mobile app Seamless printer control at your fingertips!

Flash Maker

FlashMaker – Your handheld solution for 3D printer management. Effortlessly control, monitor, and manage printers (by group) all in one place.


Orca-Flashforge – Our latest slicer for pros. With its sleek UI, smart path planning, and one-click batch processing, it's fast, efficient, and loaded with rich features.

Simplify Printer Management,Whether One or Many

Cluster Management:location-based group control; remote printing; repeated jobs can be directly processed via the history.

Stay desk-bound, with printers in control anytime.

Monitor Anytime, Anywhere

No need to be tethered to your printer, Bind one or more 3D printers to view real-time updates, including print progress and material details, from anywhere

Streamlined 3D Printing Workflow
Smart Control, Boosting Efficiency