How 3D Printer Helps Aashish Chaudhary Do Scale Model Cars?

How 3D Printer Helps Aashish Chaudhary Do Scale Model Cars?

In the vast landscape of technological advancements, 3D printing has emerged as a beacon for innovators and enthusiasts alike. For Aashish Chaudhary, an accomplished automotive designer from India, this technology became the bridge that connected his professional expertise with personal passion. In this article, we explore Aashish's journey with 3D printing, understanding how it brought his ideas to life, and the spectacular prints that have come to define his collection.

The Beginning of the 3D Printing Journey

Aashish's introduction is reflective of his diverse passions, "I can sum myself up as 'a designer by profession, a foodie by obsession, and a biker by choice." However, the pivot of our narrative revolves around his fervent love for diecast model collecting. From cherished childhood toys to prized professional collectibles, there was a growing yearning to infuse personalization into his collection.

"Back in 2018, when I began the content available to watch and learn was quite limited as compared to what we have today. The service backup and troubleshooting support was also quite limited for the machine." Aashish recalls. While the learning curve was steep, fraught with mechanical and software challenges, Aashish, with self-taught prowess, finally combines skills in 3D design & 3D printing with his hobby of model collecting.

The true beauty of 3D printing for Aashish wasn't just in the printer's technical capabilities but in the creative freedom it offered. "Designing and then printing brings immense satisfaction," he shares. From conceptualizing vehicles he admired from the Indian Army to customizing display stands for his expansive Hot Wheels collection, 3D printing transformed Aashish's ideas into tangible, touchable reality.

3D Printer Makes His Ideas Come True

For Aashish, the Adventurer 3 by Flashforge was the start. Its features, coupled with its affordability, made it the perfect choice. "Its enclosed body allowed me to experiment with various materials," Aashish notes, citing ABS, TPU, PETG, and PLA among his choices.

The Adventurer 3 3D printer, with its impressive features and affordability, was not just a machine but a canvas for his creativity. "The range of materials I could experiment with was exhilarating," he shares.

However, the true essence of 3D printing for Aashish transcended the tangible. It was about metamorphosing abstract concepts into concrete realities. Every design bore a story, every print echoed his personal journey. "Watching my concepts evolve from digital sketches to tangible models is nothing short of magical," Aashish muses.

Prints Showcasing

Aashish Chaudhary's journey with 3D printing is a testament to the magic that happens when technology meets passion. It stands as an inspiring saga for enthusiasts and professionals to explore, experiment, and express. Aashish's collection is also a testament to the power of 3D printing. Let’s see are some of his standout pieces.


Aashish sourced this data from the internet, printing it to enhance his personal collection. The outcome is an intricately detailed model that required almost a 100 hours of printing at 0.1mm layer height. Crafted in multiple sections, each piece was meticulously glued together, resulting in a model that now sits proudly on his display shelf.

2. NISSAN 4W73 AKA 1 TON - 1/43 scale

This model holds special significance for Aashish. It's a vehicle he reminisces seeing during his childhood, particularly associated with the Indian Army. Despite his longing to own a scaled model of the same, he never found one in the market. Determined, he decided to design and create it himself. After investing about a week in modeling, the printing process consumed nearly 36 hours at 0.1mm layer height. Crafted in multiple fragments, the final model, once assembled, serves as a static display tribute to his memories.


One of his most recent prints, this model replicates an awe-inspiring truck renowned for its commanding presence on the road. Unable to find a scaled model that did justice to its grandeur, Aashish decided to craft it himself. The entire printing process took about 40 hours at 0.1mm layer height. Printed in several pieces, the final assembly was affixed atop a toy truck chassis, completing the model in all its glory.


A pragmatic solution to display his extensive Hot Wheels collection, Aashish printed several of these stands. These creations not only organize but also enhance the display of a significant portion of his 700 Hot Wheels cars, presenting them in a captivating, orderly arrangement. 

Flashforge conclusion

From humble beginnings to awe-inspiring creations, Aashish Chaudhary's odyssey with 3D printing is both inspirational and evocative. It’s a testament to the magic that happens when technology meets passion. 

Flashforge 3D printing stories like Aashish's remind us of its heartwarming potential. 3D printing, beyond its impressive mechanics, is a tool that connects people to their passions. For Aashish, it was the bridge between his childhood memories and tangible creations. With 3D printing devices, we can find the spark and let it light up our world.