PLA Matte
PLA Matte

PLA Matte

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As a subdivision of PLA filament, PLA Matt filament presents totally different matte 3d printing finishes than regular PLA filaments. Minimal layer texture, no glossy plastic look. Looking for 3d printing material that shows more elegant looks? Try Flashforge PLA matte, and expect outstanding 3d prints with gorgeous color and tasty aesthetics.


Matte effect

Smooth Finish for Seamless 3D Prints

PLA Matte filament is a reliable and easy-to-use 3D printing filament with matte effect and weakened layer texture, suitable for various mainstream 3D printers.Made of high-quality PLA material, the adjustment of process formula improves the toughness and fluidity of the product, and is as easy to use as PLA.

Rich color selection to meet your various scene needs

Recommended Printing Parameters

These parameters are recommended for achieving optimal printing results with the specified PLA Matte filament. Adjustments may be necessary based on specific printer models and environmental conditions.

Drying Conditions before Printing:

50°C, 5 hours (using a convection oven)

Nozzle Diameter:

φ0.4/0.6mm(φ0.4mm recommended)

Layer Height:


Nozzle Temperature:


Build Plate Temperature:


Not picky, broadly compatible.

FFF devices on the market with a filament diameter of 1.75mm can all be used, but high-speed FFF 3D printers perform better.

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David Clety
Très bonne qualité

Je suis possesseur d'une adventurer 4, et j'en suis très content. Leur filament est de bonne qualité. Je recommande