Flashforge Guider 3 Ultra
Flashforge Guider 3 Ultra
Flashforge Guider 3 Ultra

Flashforge Guider 3 Ultra

Sale price$3,499.00 USD
  • Stable high-speed printing performance
  • Truly leading high-efficiency manufacturing
  • 330*330*600mm printing size
  • Support the vibration suppression algorithm

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More Options, Greater Space, Enhanced Efficiency

Elevate Professional-Grade 3D Printing Experience

Efficient printing:1500g/day

Made for High-Speed and Highly-Efficient Production

Stable High-Speed Printing, Eliminating Ghosting & Ringing

  • Lighter extruder and beam design to reduce the inertia when running at high speed;
  • With our exclusive self-developed extruder vibration suppression algorithm, vibrations occurred during high-speed printing can be automatically compensated, thus reduce ringing in prints.
Printing speed up to


Acceleration up to


Flow rate up to


Full auto-leveling, real one-click printing

Excellent Surface Quality

The extruder pressure compensation algorithm realizes accurate control of the amount of filament that is extruded in advance, resulting in smooth printing and flawless first layer.
The exclusive vibration suppression algorithm automatically compensates the vibrations during high-speed printing, thus eliminating ringing.

Dual Extruder Design for Building Complex Models

Support printing easy-to-remove and soluble support materials;
Suitable for printing complex models with overhangs, bridges and hollow structures

Tool-Free, 3s Quick-Release Nozzle

Save maintenance time without affecting the whole printing process.

Support various general and engineering filaments

Extruder temperature up to 350℃ PLA/ABS/HIPS/PC/TPE/PETG/ASA/PP/Nylon/Glass fiber reinforced/Carbon fiber reinforced filament * Note: Glass fiber reinforced and carbon fiber reinforced filaments should be used with high-strength nozzles.

Compatible with third-party filaments

Open third-party material configuration: The software synchronously configures multi-brand material data, which is convenient for customers to choose suitable filament by themselves.

Auto Shutdown

Safely print your models at night and pick them up during the day.


Extruder quantity


Printing precision

±0.15 mm or ±0.002mm/mm (The larger values shall prevail)

Position precision

X/Y-axis: 0.011 mm

Z-axis: 0.0025 mm

Layer thickness

0.05~0.4 mm

Build size

Single extruder: 330x330x600mm

Dual extruders: 300x330x600mm


Flashforge has product warehouses in many countries. Your ordered products will be shipped from your nearest warehouse. For products not stored in your regional warehouses, we'll send from Flashforge headquarter, China.

It depends on where you are. Orders processed here will take 5-7 business days to arrive. Overseas deliveries can take anywhere from 7-16 days. Delivery details will be provided in your confirmation email.

Flashforge FFF technology 3D printer provides you with a 12-month limited warranty for the host and a 3-month warranty for FFF technology 3D printer nozzle component. For more details, please click here.

*PLA/*PETG(0.4mm nozzle)
*TPU /PLA-CF/PETG-CF (0.6mm nozzle)
Note: Materials marked with * are recommended for printing.

The performance in printing of both products is comparable, as they are high-speed 3D printers, and they are both very user-friendly in operation. AD5M has a highly competitive product, while 5MP adds features such as a closed structure, built-in camera, and air filter cotton on the basis of 5M. If you have any questions during the purchasing process, you can contact the Flashforge support team.

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