Print Your Imagination

The event runs from May 22, 2024, 00:00 to July 3, 2024, 24:00 (PT).

Join our event and get a chance to get a

3D printer


Purchase an AD5M or AD5MP from the Flashforge Official website between May 22nd and July 3rd


Each week, the two posts with the most likes will win a free order award, along with 12 rolls of 1kg Filament!
Participants in the event will receive double points on their order amounts as an incentive reward
By participating, you consent to us sharing your submission on our marketing platforms. Get creative, share your innovations and you could be our next winner!
Participation Share photos of your print created with the AD5M series on social media (Facebook, Facebook Groups, Instagram, and X) using the four hashtags (#flashforge #3Dprinter #AD5M #AD5MP).
Voting Starting from May 28th, we’ll showcase entries on the Flashforge website. Each week, the two posts with the most likes will win a free order award, plus 12 rolls of 1kg Filament! The first round of voting is on May 30th, followed by weekly rounds every Wednesday, with the final round on July 11th. For those fortunate users who receive a free order, please leave the opportunity to others. Users who have not received the free order award can still participate in the next round of voting after posting new print works.
Announcement Winners will be notified on social media and via email.
1. The interpretation of the event is at the discretion of Flashforge.
2. Winners of the free order will receive points credited to their personal accounts on the Flashforge website.
3. The event runs from May 22, 2024, 00:00 to July 3, 2024, 24:00 (PT).


Consumer Display


Since May 22nd, after purchasing AD5M or AD5MP products on the official website of, we will notify you by email, which means that you have participated in this event.

We support the Facebook, Reddit, TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, 3D Printer communities. It's important to note that on Facebook we only accept posts from groups or pages outside of the FlashForge Group. The post should be add four hashtags #flashforge #3Dprinter #AD5M #AD5MP.

We'd love to see your designs or more ideas, so we won't limit your 3D printing works.

Our voting will start on May 22nd and end on July 11th. Every week, the two content creators with the most likes will be selected for a free order and filament prize.

If you do not win the first vote, you only need to send your new Post and follow the events rules again to participate in the next round.

We provide double points for users who have not won the award. Our points can be redeemed for the products you want, and we will also provide you with better after-sales service. The double order points reward is limited to first-time participants only. Participants who enter the photo sharing lucky draw multiple times cannot receive the double points reward more than once.